Heating Repair & Maintenance

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Maintenance Plans
Join our annual maintenance plan to receive trouble free scheduled system check ups on your heating and air system. You'll get two included system checks for a low price which will allow your heating and air conditioning systems to run at maximum efficiency. A check up allows you to be proactive with repairs and safety concerns which can save you lots of repair costs in the future.
Heating Repairs
If you're a homeowner in the Charlotte area then it's likely at some time or another you will have to have a repair performed to your HVAC, Heat Pump, or Furnace. There's sometimes little warning for when a heating and air system can stop working. We are here to help, we don't charge trip or travel fees and we give free estimates. Not many HVAC repair companies can give that without somewhat "locking you in" with a travel fee. That's how South End Plumbing can offer reasonable prices on heating repairs.
Heating System Tune-ups
If it's been a while since you've had your heating system looked at then now might be the time. Charlotte's winter seasons still call for many cold nights for several months out of the year. With a tune up you can have your heat pump or furnace running at maximum efficiency, saving you hundreds of dollars a year. You'll also gain the added benefit of more even comfort in your home.
Replacement / Installations for Heaters, Heat Pumps, Furnaces
Unfortunately heating systems do not last for ever. There are components deep inside your units that fair after a number of years. A list of these components include a furnace heat exchanger, blower motors, igniters, sensors, coils, mainboards, etc. Once a system gets into the 10-12+ year range it's time to start considering a replacement rather than small incremental fixes. We will guide you through the process and help you make the decision that's best for you. We also service and install heating units from a wide range of manufacturers, and offer warranties on our work.
HVAC Heating Installations
If you know you're in need of a heating installation then you've probably already made the considerations over just repairing your old system. It could be that you're interested in installing a new heating system for a renovation or investment property. That's great because new heating systems offer the most return of investment for any property not only in comfort to the home owner but also energy cost savings. Trust our exert installation team to provide trouble free installs for your warranted heating system.
Emergency Heating Repair
If the temps drop outside and your heat's not working, it's no longer an issue of comfort-it's an emergency. We offer emergency heat repair 7 days a week 24 hours a day. We also are one of the only heating repair companies that do not charge extra for service on nights and weekends. Not only is this above and beyond many other HVAC contractors, but we do all of this while still offering a truly FREE estimate!

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What heating system is right for me?

Most customers will have and existing Furnace or Heat Pump. The costs and benefits of these can vary greatly and we’re here to help you decide every step of the way.

How long before my system needs replaced.

Some failure points in a heating system such as a heat exchanger can start to fail as early as 12 years with normal use and you may not even notice. If there’s a crack in this component, the gases being burned off, such as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrous oxide, could leak into your home, causing illness or, in extreme cases, death.

How much will it cost?

Costs of new systems and repair of old systems can vary a great deal. This is one reason we don’t do phone quotes. Our qualified technicians will meet you on site and give you a free quote once your system/problem is diagnosed.