If you're like many people, you might be tempted to turn down the heat in your home when you go on a trip during the winter. After all, you won't be there to enjoy it, so why pay to heat an empty house? While this might seem like a smart financial decision, there are actually several reasons why you shouldn't lower your heat when you leave on a trip during the winter.

The fact is, air pollution in your home can be just as bad - and even worse - than it is outdoors. As well as with the average American costs 87% of their life inside, you 'd assume that indoor air top quality would certainly be something we would certainly find out about more often. With a little preventative upkeep and some standard knowledge, you can take immediate steps to enhance your interior air top quality today.

Perhaps you have seen your air conditioning isn't cooling your residence the way it should. Temperature levels are increasing inside your home and you go outside to check your unit and system. You’re seeing if you can find the issue. Despite it being 90 or 100 degrees outside, you discover that your air conditioning line is frozen and covered in ice. What!?